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Here you will find every information about Gerasimarios on Vehicle Simulator (Roblox)

About GerasimariosEdit

Gerasimarios has been playing Vehicle Simulator for at least a year and has managed to get some fast cars. Now, he tries getting millions of cash for great supercars that will definitely win races easily. He has managed to get one expensive car that he always wanted and he really enjoys driving it.

Cars Bought Edit

Sport Edit

Corvette Stingray -$50,000-

Toyota AE86 -$86,000-


Chevy Impala -$0-

Electric Edit

Tesla Model X -$150,000-

Super Edit

Lamborghini Huracan -$200,000-

Ford GT -$600,000-

Ferrari F40 -$700,000-

Agera R -$1,600,000-

Motorcycles Edit

Suzuki GSX-R1000 REMOVED -$120,000-

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